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Turkey’s statitstical institute, TurkStat, statitistics of the national book market for 2015 shows an immense growth for educational books in all formats as well as for eBooks in general. The number of educational publications was 15 548, which is an increase of 25.6% in comparison with the previous year. This should be seen in the light that the Ministry of Education in Turkey in 2010 launched one of the largest educational projects in the world, FATIH (Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology). The project that ended 2015 was aiming to provide tablets to all K-12 students, to install smart boards in every classroom and to digitize every textbook. From the beginning publishers showed very little interest in publishing eBooks, according to a report from US Commercial Service, but now the market is growing fast. The amount of published eBooks grew with 21,8% in comparison with 2014. Source: TurkStat and US Commercial Service