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According to recent articles and research Millennials are lazy and selfish. Other claims on the contrary that this is an open-minded generation with social commitment that is fuelled by the fact that they do not know a world without the web and its social media. New research from IBM Institute for Business Value with focus on Millennials attitude to the workplace is cutting off the edges of the differences in comparison with previous generations. In survey with 1784 participants from different industries, countries and ages the differences between Millennials (born 1980-93), GenX (born 1965-79) and Baby Boomers (born 1954-64) are only nuances of the same direction. When looking at the details of the report GenX seems to have little more individualistic and open attitude to the workplace with focus on transparency and personal recognition as well as using their own social media-accounts in the work. While Baby Boomers still to larger extent favour the old hierarchical Industrial Society’s decision-making-process. Millennials position in these lines of questions is headed between the two previous generations. Source: IBM Institute of Business Value