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With more than 13 years of research the NMC Horizon Project is the world’s longest-running analysis of the trends of edtech/eLearning. Now a new report has been published, this time with focus on higher education trends during the following five years. The result shows in short-term, meaning the following 1-2 years, that higher education will become more of a mix of formal and informal learning. In addition, focus will be set on improving digital literacy of the staff. In 3-4 year-term the trend of measuring learning and learning analytics will have a growing impact as well proliferation of open educational resources. In longer term, 4-5 years and beyond the 56 experts whose knowledge and analysis form the basis of the report believe that cultures of change and innovation will be an outcome of the other trends as well as cross-institution collaboration. Source: Horizon Report – 2015 Higher Education Edition