Gamification in Practice formula

Gamification in Practice formula

Gamification In Practice Formula
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What will make your business rock? Make your customers, clients, visitor stay longer, buy more and enjoy doing it? As a matter of fact “doing” is really the keyword for the solution. This leads us to the Maker Market and a Gamification in Practice formula, which foundation, however, is creating things yourself. But what if you implement such mechanisms into your business in a spirit of fun. Do you think that you then would be the joke of your market or the engaging market leader? If you think the latter is the answer, keep on reading this article.

Your business has a well-designed website. Maybe you are using the web for marketing as well as being active on social media. But even though these components are performing ok, something is missing. You want your visitors/customers to stay longer on the website and your social media pages and want to add more engagement mechanisms to accomplish this goal. Since if the visitors stay longer they will buy more. And, even if it feels like a utopia, make these mechanisms also form bridges to the real world part of the business.

Building an engaging business

Besides that, the business objectives could be to engage the company’s customers and website-visitors as described above. The methods/mechanisms that are mentioned below are equally effective for internal use, meaning to increase the engagement of employees. In both these cases these mechanisms basically are aimed to change behaviour or/and improve common behaviour and at the same time give intrinsic motivation to actually do it. All this will be directed from your business requirements and objectives.

The magic of a Gamification in Practice formula

What is actually so powerful that it can comprehend with all the requirements described above? The answer is … mechanisms that a billion people use every day around the world. Not because they have to, but because of intrinsic motivation, meaning Go, Aim, Make, Entertain, in other words, GAMEs. This does not mean that you should turn your business website into an online computer game. But instead to use game-mechanisms and implement them in your business processes. The general term is Gamification and the output engagement and behaviour improvement after your requirements, which in the next step can generate a revolutionising development for your business.

Beyond business

What is described above is really the next step of the web’s development. The next step of a journey that has gone from information to socialising and now to actually doing. In addition, these dynamics of gamified mechanisms can be implemented beyond business in almost all processes that require some kind of performance, both in the digital- and the physical world. The turn out will be loyalty, engagement, and creativity.

Written by
LarsGoran Bostrom©

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