Frugal Innovation to improve learning

Frugal Innovation to improve learning

Aristotle QuoteWhat is the main benefit with learning technologies? Engagement some will answer, others would say efficiency (including adaption to individual students), and yet others would claim mobility, however, to use only one word, perhaps simplifying covers the benefits best. And that this simplification in different ways is the driving-force for the others that were mentioned above. This is one frugal innovation’s basic cornerstones; the other is the skills of an alchemist put in practice. Meaning to create wonders from (almost) no resources at all. The third cornerstone is stubbornness to succeed while doing more with less. These cornerstones of frugal innovation correspond perfectly with a small business environment, which also puts Richard Branson’s words below in perspective.

”Small business are nimble and bold and can often teach much larger companies a thing or two about innovations that can change entire industries.” Sir Richard Branson

Please watch the very inspiring TedTalk by Navi Radjou below about frugal innovation in the developing world as well as in Europe and North America. In the next part of this storyline I will dig deeper in what this means for improving learning with ICT.

Written by LarsGoran Bostrom©

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