Talent Management building bridges to the working life in Germany

eLearningworld News The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launches two new projects to promote education for young people in small and micro enterprises and a competition of digital talent open for all students. The first is a part of the training structure program JOBSTARTER plus where the BMBF will provide around 7.6 million euros of its own funds as well as funds from the European Social Fund. Besides providing in-company training, it… Continue reading

Latest News: New research project on IT-security in networked production

eLearningworld News from Germany German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is targeting IT-security in networked production processes. 14 companies in the German industry and seven research institutes and universities will collaborate to produce applications to minimize damage of hacker attacks. Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka commented, “IT security is one of the key prerequisites to benefit from the opportunities of Industry 4.0. Only through a secure communication confidence is created in the new,… Continue reading

Frugal Innovation to improve learning

What is the main benefit with learning technologies? Engagement some will answer, others would say efficiency (including adaption to individual students), and yet others would claim mobility, however, to use only one word, perhaps simplifying covers the benefits best. And that this simplification in different ways is the driving-force for the others that were mentioned above. This is one frugal innovation’s basic cornerstones; the other is the skills of an alchemist put in practice. Meaning… Continue reading