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Digital Society Education – Introducing AI to all fields of study

Digital Society Education - Introducing AI to all fields of studyIf you want transformation and change, start with yourselves, is a motto with a lot of truth. In this spirit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is taking the lead in the development and integration of computing and artificial intelligence, with a special focus on the ethical aspects of the development.

AI in all fields of study

The power of computing and AI will be integrated into all fields of study at MIT. In addition to bringing better learning environments. It also is expected to bring insights from all other disciplines to shape future learning. Students in all fields will study the impact and development of AI, and learn to use and develop AI applications. Where MIT’s five schools will have a shared structure for collaborative education, research, and innovation in computing and AI. The massive project has a total commitment of $1 billion to address global opportunities and challenges. This includes a gift of $350 million from Stephen A. Schwarzman, the chairman, CEO and co-founder of Blackstone, for the new MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing that will open in September 2019. See the comments about the new initiative below:

Source: MIT News

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