Designing educational landscapes of tomorrow

Designing educational landscapes of tomorrow

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Where does education go from here? At the Federal Conference on Municipal Education Management opened in 2021, the German Minister of Education, Anja Karliczek, said the following on designing educational landscapes of tomorrow:

“The municipalities play an important role in our education federalism. They in particular can help shape and decisively promote the digital change in education. They are the place where people have their daily experience with our education system – from kindergarten to school to Vocational training and further education.”

Designing Educational Landscapes Of Tomorrow

The concept besides using technologies more effectively in education is to transform the chunks, the division of different educations, which is the characteristics of the old industrial society, into a lifelong learning approach.

President of the German Association of Cities and Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung said the following at the conference:

“Lifelong learning is becoming more and more important for all of us. People’s expectations of the best possible educational opportunities are increasing.”

The core of the activities is the “Transferinitiative Kommunales Bildungsmanagement”, within the framework of which successful models of communal education control were established and disseminated throughout Germany.

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