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National Institute of Design (NID) in India was set up in 1961 and became a pioneer in the field with important influences from the German design schools of Ulm and Bauhaus. The pedagogy was from start set on bridging aesthetic of art and the practice of the industry. This included using different materials creatively and in surprising fields of use. Mihir Bholey, a senior faculty of National Institute of Design, writes in the Millennium Post, on the transformation of design education in the digital age: “The shift from practice-based to research-based design education is noticeable. (…) Design thinking is being used in exploring new applications beyond the traditional aesthetic creativity. Technology, social innovation, sustainable development, public policy, etc. are the emerging touch points of design.” Artificial intelligence is one of the tools in this research-based approach. In this spirit, public policies like Make in India, Digital India, Swachh Bharat has been launched to meet the challenges of the digital age. Source: Millennium Post