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Soon subjects in formal education probably only will be a subject for history writers to write about as the Finnish governmental project shows promising results. This would mean that the for centuries basic structure of school education is being wiped away in favor of theme-based, more collaborative, real-world and real-time learning. As being already an educational superpower and role model for most other countries Finland now is forming a new learning environment from the prerequisites that pupils are no longer reliant on school books and classroom walls. Kirsti Lonka, a professor of educational psychology at Helsinki University says the following in a BBC interview: “Traditionally, learning has been defined as a list of subject matters and facts you need to acquire – such as arithmetic and grammar – with some decoration, like citizenship, built in around it.But when it comes to real life, our brain is not sliced into disciplines in that way; we are thinking in a very holistic way. And when you think about the problems in the world – global crises, migration, the economy, the post-truth era – we really haven’t given our children the tools to deal with this inter-cultural world.” From this new theme-based-approach follows motivation, engagement and freedom to actually learn interactively and authentically with digital tools like 3D-printers and confident teachers with great respect. Read the full story from Finland Source: BBC