Data-based Education Management for lifelong learning

Data-based Education Management for lifelong learning

Data-Based Education Management For Lifelong Learning

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European Social Fund (ESF) supports municipalities in data-based education management – i.e. in the collection and evaluation of data and the development of coordination and control structures in order to be able to provide suitable educational offers to as many people as possible. In this spirit, the German government as part of the “Educational Municipalities” program is now opening an opportunity for German municipalities to apply for funding for such projects. Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger explained:

“Education mainly takes place locally. In the cities and districts, there is a diverse landscape with a wide variety of educational opportunities. The municipalities have a central role to play in this. With the ‘Educational Municipalities’ programme, we support them in setting up or further developing data-based education management.”

These initiatives can involve education in all phases of life, from early childhood education through school and extracurricular learning to further education in adulthood. The program thus aims to promote important innovations in municipal education systems – such as digital education, the expansion of all-day education, the improvement of educational opportunities or securing the skilled labour base. The “Educational Municipalities” program gives municipalities an instrument to modernize their educational landscape. Such data-based education management also forms a bridge from the old industrial society’s chunk-based education to truly lifelong learning, both for individual learning paths and to build new educational opportunities.

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