Book Market 2021 – the best year ever!

Book Market 2021 – the best year ever!

Book Market 2021 - The Best Year Ever!

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A new report about the Swedish book market 2021 shows that book sales continually increasing in Sweden. Where the year 2021 was the best year ever with 5 billion SEK in total sales (approximately €500 million), in 2016 the total sales were 4 billion SEK. The report that is published by the Swedish Publishers Association and Swedish Bookstores Association shows that sales of the printed book grew by 4 percent in comparison with 2020 and audiobooks by 13.3 percent. Jesper Monthán, the Chairman of the Swedish Publishers Association comments in the following way:

“It is really great that the book market as a whole is growing for the seventh year in a row. It is not just a pandemic effect, although it has reinforced the trend. The book has several strong years behind it, and there is no indication that this trend is slowing down.”

The trend that digital book formats increasingly is driving the growth of the Swedish book market continues where new formats is finding new book audiences. It is obvious that it is easy to agree with Monthán´s analysis of the future of the book market. When it comes to sales channels webstores and book clubs had 49.3 percent of the sales, while digital subscription services had 26.2 percent and the physical bookstores 20.1 percent.


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