Content Marketing trends 2022

Content Marketing trends 2022

Content Marketing Trends 2022

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User-generated content is one of the important content marketing trends, but how do you engage people to become a part of such a collaborative environment? As market research shows that 70 per cent trust user-generated content over content directly from the source. But what encouragements are there to be successful, here are some ideas. Be personal, make your content interactive to make the audience respond in the form of comments, reviews and simply rate, as well as write stories about your product, service or brand. Besides social media in general, gamification could be a trigger to boost engagement in such an environment, not only to collaborate with you and your brand but to transform the audience into collaborators for mutual success.

Design thinking to target people and their needs

To use a design thinking approach for your content marketing strategy means to meet your audience from their individual prerequisites. Data is here the goldmine both to get a hold of what works for already published content and how to improve it, and also to receive sensible intelligence for coming campaigns. However, data gives rarely the full picture of people’s rational- and emotional requirements, which calls for further personalization in the form of adaptive content. This could mean content in different formats, or with different approaches of presentation and interactivity etc. This multidimensional approach is well-adapted to the core of design thinking, the human. Where the focus should be set on the purpose and target the goals of the campaign, which basically forms the equation for success.

Focus on the long-term to find the right spots

By building a general story about your brand, products, services or/and ideas is a long-term event to find these micro-moments when a human actually engage in order to buy. But it includes short-term stories to create new spots to engage with your audience and grow further collaboration and sales. The design thinking approach of course also concerns the general story that is building the spirit and design, but even more the short-term messages that in a more direct way communicate with the audience. Where the object is both to stick with the general story and also to make people take action, often not directly to buy, but to engage with your brand and its content. The micro-moments will appear eventually and then the ultimate goal of your marketing is accomplished.

Engagement with dynamic content

Dynamic content adapts to the audience on an individual basis and includes interactivity as an invitation for the viewer to become a collaborator or player. The concept makes the marketing go from one-way-broadcasting to involvement, interaction and co-creation. With digital technologies, the possibilities are endless for the content marketer with different forms of gamification, games, personal design, interactive video etc. Where the gain for the audience besides boosted engagement can be discounts or other personal benefits. While the application besides the engaging mechanisms is promoting the brand and extend knowledge about its products and services.


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