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Content Marketing trends from Collaborative to Tech – Trend 3 of 5

Focus on long-term to find the right spots   By building a general story about your brand, products, services or/and ideas is a long-term event to find these micro-moments when a human actually engage in order to buy. But it includes short-term stories to create new spots to engage with your audience and grow further collaboration and sales. The design thinking approach of course also concerns the general story that is building the spirit and… Continue reading

Latest News: Digital Advertising that works according to Neuroscience

eLearningworld News from US New research shows how users react to and engage with in-app mobile video ads. The purpose with the research was to help marketers understand the main keys to gain higher ad receptivity, get more human attention to boost your brand. In the study users’ reactions to ads was monitored to two different ad-formats, but with the same creative output. The lead researchers, Dr. Thomas Ramsoy, PhD, CEO, Neurons Inc. and adjunct… Continue reading

Latest News: Google introduces App with MicroCourses to improve Marketing skills

eLearningworld News from Google For a long time “anytime, anywhere” has been a “selling-point” for online learning. In Google’s Primer-app this has developed into focus on those micro-moments when you really have time to learn. At the same time as the content is only one click away since it is packaged in a device you easily and often/always carry with you. It takes approximately five minutes to finish a lesson and the application that is… Continue reading