Art and Entrepreneurship a winning mix

Art and Entrepreneurship a winning mix

Art And Entrepreneurship A Winning Mix MIT Creative Arts Competition is an annual event forKonst Och Entreprenörskap En Vinnande Mix student teams to present art-related projects with a workable business plan. The winners receive $15,000 offered as a grant to help launch an enterprise. The projects presented this year included everything from teaching music in a refugee camp outside of Erbil in Iraq to agriculture in Zambia. The winner of mixing art and entrepreneurship was the project “Teach to Learn”, an online global music mentorship program that connects musicians, teachers, and students across the globe. Totally, 28 teams participated in the competition, which is a new record during the seven years that it has been organized.

Art and Entrepreneurship – the winners

The winners 2019 “Teach to Learn” was founded two years ago. It is a global music mentorship programme with American-based mentors. Today, it has over 100 students in 19 countries. Teach to Learn team member Derek Beckvold comments in the following way:  “Our company is about music across cultures. But it’s also about listening across cultures.” Second, in the MIT Creative Arts Competition was Sky International Music Education. It is an online music instruction system that connects aspiring Chinese violinists and pianists with expert teachers in their country. This project received a grant of $7500.


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