What is the result of national assessment tests?

What is the result of national assessment tests?

What Is The Result Of National Assessment Tests?
Vad Blir Resultatet Av Nationella Prov?Do you want to know the level of learners’ knowledge? Through them a test! Sounds like an obvious exclusive solution? Maybe in the old industrial society, but not anymore. Ever since that the computer technology now have reached a point where it actually adds new value to learning, a new era is about to see the lights of dawn. The US president Barack Obama’s reforms seem to have turned into this light and adding an interesting vision.

Nick Clegg testing

However, politicians’ in general still making decisions and campaigning from the industrial ages prerequisites, which means that they tell teachers to use a method that just to some extent worked before. Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister of the UK, is one of many that claim that pupils should be tested, even down to five-year-old! A more basic question is why politicians at all should interfere in how teachers educate their pupils and students? Especially since there now are new methods to measure the pupils level of knowledge, understanding and progress.

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Problems with national assessment test

Nick Clegg’s proposal for national assessment tests for pupil down to five-year-olds is just one of a manifold example of the inflation of politicians overbidding each other. Since a national assessment test could at best be an indicator of the knowledge level in a certain subject, never a proof. Too many factors could interfere in the process of testing:

-Too much preparation before the test, which takes time from “the understanding-part” of education.

-Too little focus on preparation before the test, which affect the result of the test, but the pupil/student could have a better understanding than the results show.

-The health and motivation of the pupil in the particular test-situation.

-The pupil’s ability to perform on command at a certain time and place.

Mark Twains statistics

In the end of the day the result of a national assessment test does to too large extent falls under the third of Mark Twain’s three forms of lies; lies, damn lies and then there is statistics. The result says that a pupil is good or bad on preparing and finishing a test, but not that much about the actual knowledge and understanding about a subject. Unfortunately, this statistics is critical to pupils and students future. In case somebody gets on the wrong track from the start. It is hard to turn around. The second problem Albert Einstein explained as follows: “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Nevertheless, somehow the pupil/student and the society as a whole need some form of receipt of the actual level of knowledge and understanding. President Barack Obama has taken a new different path to accomplish this, which will be described in part 2 of this article-series that will be published tomorrow.

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