Upgrading Media Literacy Education

Upgrading Media Literacy Education

Upgrading Media Literacy EducationNot more but different to upgrading media literacy education is required to equip people to be able to handle the evolving media landscape is one of Mike Caulfield that heads the Digital Polarization Initiative at the American Democracy Project messages in an article in niemanlab.org. He writes:

“Recent studies seem to support this conclusion, finding that an awful lot of highly educated folks, skilled in all sorts of traditional media literacy, are hopelessly lost on the web.”

The solution is to bring together experts from related fields to work out new platforms for Media Literacy Education. As media literacy always has been crisis-driven and major developments in the field always have followed in the footsteps of media transformation. In this spirit, the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard is an attempt to help journalism figure out its future in the age of the web.

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