eLearningworld News from Helsinki, Finland

Many trend reports are being published in the beginning of the year on education in general as well as edtech, but many of the most workable innovations are already implemented in the Finnish schools. In an interview with Pasi Silander, Digitalization Leader of the City of Helsinki, Finland, by eGov Innovation, four essential points for the success of the Finnish school is presented: 1. Learner-centred education-environment where the pedagogy is based on the student’s learning process 2. Interdisciplinary teaching and learning where the education focuses on real-world phenomena e.g. topics like EU or the environment. 3. Encourage teachers and other school staff to develop new pedagogical methods. The school should be a creative space for learning, developing as you learn makes the experience more engaging and gives the power to teachers and students in a changing world. 4. Reform the assessment to make it a part of the student’s learning process instead of the performance on a certain hour(s), on a certain day. Pasi Silander explains: “In today’s education systems, we should promote competencies for the future, 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and learning skills. These soft skills are needed, while hard skills (e.g. memorizing facts, basic calculation) will be done more or less by computers in the future.” Read the whole interview here Source: eGov Innovation