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Taking 3D-printing to the next level

Taking 3D-printing to the next level

eLearningworld News 3D-printing is seen as one of the most vital technologies in building Industry 4.0. But still the usefulness can be questioned since cost-effective 3D-printers only print one material at the time. This limits its the scope of production dramatically. Even a more advanced 3D-printer that can manage three materials (cost around $250 000) still have great limitation and are far from automatic. However, these obstacles can soon be a thing of the past… Continue reading

Latest News: Makerspace for school developing

Latest News: STARTS - European crossroad for ICT and Art to create Medici-effects

eLearningworld News from Sweden Interactive Institute Swedish ICT is launching the project Makerspace in school where students can learn methodology from the craft- and inventor-tradition applied on modern technology like 3D-printers. The purpose with the project is to bring forward an innovative makerculture in school with focus on learning to code and use information technology in general. Pupils, teachers and school leaders from different parts of Sweden and different levels of the school-system will participate… Continue reading