Europol will launch a serious game on cryptocurrency crimes

Europol will launch a serious game on cryptocurrency crimes

Europol Will Launch A Serious Game On Cryptocurrency Crimes

At the sixth Cryptocurrency Conference 12 -14 June 2019, Europol announced the ongoing development of Europol Lanserar En Gamifierad Lärmiljö Om Kryptovalutabrotta serious game on cryptocurrency crimes. The game is planned to be launched in October 2019 at the seventh Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference. It is the first law enforcement training opportunity on cryptocurrency and investigation using gamification. The target group is enforcement officers to receive hands-on training game on cryptocurrency crimes.

Cryptocurrency crimes and blockchain

More than 300 cryptocurrency experts from both law enforcement and the private sector attended the sixth Cryptocurrency Conference. It was hosted at Europol’s headquarters. Where the participants reflected on the legitimate use of blockchain technologies. A technology that has great prospects of a groundbreaking potential today and in the future, not only for payment transactions but all forms of peer-to-peer transactions.


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