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A new Danish survey from Nordstat shows that 32% of the Danes embrace the development of digital technologies and believe it will create new and workable opportunities for them in the future. While 15% fears an interconnected future with robots and IoT, e.g. because of the fear of losing the job. The group the most fears the development of digital technologies is voters of the xenophobic party, Dansk Folkeparti. 20% of the participants believe that there will be no major changes, while 22% do not think about it at all. Anna Ilsøe from the University of Copenhagen explains the relatively high figure of 15% that fears the digital future in the following way: ”In the media the discussion focus on, how many workplaces that will be lost because of new technology, much more than a discussion that focus on, which work that will develop from the technology.” In this spirit Kasper Støy from the IT-University calls for a profound debate about self-driving cars and the myriad of other digital applications that is developing. 1002 Danes over 18 years of age participated in the survey. Source: Altinget