Responsive and responsible keys to Modern Leadership -but some disconnect

Responsive and responsible keys to Modern Leadership -but some disconnect

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The fourth industrial revolution is here and it progressing. In this spirit, and the fact that too many people are lagging behind in the development the motto of the World Economic Forum in Davos is “Responsive and responsible leadership”. Unfortunately, several national political leaders seem to have another agenda today, their own and their political party’s power-position is more important, and people are seen as an overshadowing problem. These are the ones that choose to disconnect. While the method to get by and reach success in the digital society is to connect and stay connected with market whatever it takes. This also applies to people in an increasingly more complex world.

Lifelong Learning the only certain Strategy in the Digital Society

Artificial Intelligence development with driverless cars, automatic checkout at the supermarket and virtual assistants to make your day more effective. In this society Vichal Sikka, chief executive of Infosys concludes in Financial Times, the only certain personal strategy for continual success is lifelong learning. This is the bridge to your future success, as an entrepreneur or as an employee. To improve your skills and knowledge as the technology as well as responsive and responsible leadership change the conditions or you want to turn to another path in this world of opportunities.

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