Responsive and responsible keys to Modern Leadership -but some disconnect

eLearningworld in RealTime The fourth industrial revolution is here and it progressing. In this spirit, and the fact that too many people are lagging behind in the development the motto of the World Economic Forum in Davos is “Responsive and responsible leadership”. Unfortunately, several national political leaders seem to have another agenda today, their own and their political party’s power-position is more important, and people are seen as an overshadowing problem. These are the ones… Continue reading

Latest News: ICT transforming economies in a revolutionary spirit but is inequally distributed

eLearningworld News from the World The 2015 edition of World Economic Forum’s The Global Information Technology Report  summarize the development as follows: The information and communication technology (ICT) revolution has the potential to transform economies and societies, and become part of the solution of many global challenges, but the revolution is very inequally distributed. This deficit is too often most obvious in parts of the world where it is needed the most, also within countries.… Continue reading