Next generation Artificial Intelligence and ethics

Next generation Artificial Intelligence and ethics

Next Generation Of Artificial Intelligence And EthicsWhat is the next generation artificial intelligence? What about its learning abilities? And ethics that surround it? Josh Tenenbaum, at the Computational Cognitive Science lab at MIT, describing to MIT Technology Review that the next generation Artificial Intelligence will have a stronger connection to cognitive science and neuroscience. Professor Tenenbaum explains:

“Imagine we could build a machine that starts off like a baby and learns like a child. If we could do this it’d be the basis for artificial intelligence that is actually intelligent, machine learning that could actually learn.”

The artificial intelligence solutions that today are being developed lacks fundamental abilities. Especially when it comes to flexibility, common sense, and general intelligence. As these are truly human abilities, Tenenbaum claims that the role model to develop AI with these skills is through research of young children’s play. This was really the profound vision of AI when it was born about 50 years ago. To use human intelligence as the inspiration for its development.

AI that makes ethical decisions

A study from the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück, Germany, shows the next step in the development of autonomous vehicles and their ethical implications. According to the study the artificial intelligence is developing into making ethical decisions. When the human driver has to make a choice and are not able to. And in this context, AI will be able to evaluate the human’s behaviour and take action to solve the problem. This should be seen in the light that most road accidents are caused by human error or misconduct. The AI-based autonomous system is then not only workable for the driver’s comfort. But also as a security system to avoid accidents. The research was conducted with simulations of different traffic situations and as a comment to results, the authors of the report says:

“Autonomous self-driving cars will be the first generation of robots to make moral decisions in the midst of our society. It is therefore urgently necessary to develop rules and possible courses of action for autonomous vehicles, which determine how such machines should behave in unavoidable accident situations.”

Professor Dr. med. Peter König and Maximilian Wächter of the Institute of Cognitive Science.

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