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The new Education Cannot Wait fund is being launched next week at the two-day UN Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. The aim is to bridge the gap between humanitarian aid and development aid and bring a new ingredient to an environment of arbitrary transports of shelter and food, and high security risks in general; the educational emergency aid is aiming to be driver of hope. According to UN Special Envoy, Gordon Brown: “It is designed to cater the needs of 30 million displaced girls and boys, the largest population of girls and boys uprooted since 1945 – 20 million of whom have no choice at the moment and are unable to go to school.” The new fund is expected to:

-“offer up to five years of educational emergency, the average time a refugee is out of his or her country is more than 10 years

-have private sector, foundation and philanthropic windows and will be the first comprehensive education public partnership in humanitarian aid; and

-engage philanthropic companies in innovative solutions to deliver education, including bold experiments in online education to help refugees in camps and those holed up in hovels, huts and tents.” Source: UN News Centre