Engaging tech to improve policy-making

eLearningworld News In the intersection of technology, social sciences and design the founders of Fields Of View are creating games to improve policy-making. The clients are on every level from local authorities to the UN. This as an answer to questions like, how to make policymaking more relevant in people’s lives, how to make policymaking more responsive to societal transformations, and how to make policy-making more efficient by shortening the time from idea to final… Continue reading

Latest News: UN’s Education Cannot Wait – Transforming humanitarian aid for the future

eLearningworld News from the World The new Education Cannot Wait fund is being launched next week at the two-day UN Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. The aim is to bridge the gap between humanitarian aid and development aid and bring a new ingredient to an environment of arbitrary transports of shelter and food, and high security risks in general; the educational emergency aid is aiming to be driver of hope. According to UN Special Envoy, Gordon… Continue reading

Latest News: MOOC on Economics of a new Global Development Agenda

eLearningworld News from the World In the UN Summit in September 2015 political leaders from all over the world adopted a global 2030 development agenda. This includes new global goals, called the Sustainable Development Goals, where the main ambitious is to use the “billions” in Official Development Assistance to channel “trillions” in investments of all kinds, which would mean public and private funding, both national and international. The World Bank Group is now launching a… Continue reading

Latest News: Educating Public Administration – ICT building the road to a knowledge-based society

eLearningworld News from Africa The Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) is an international NGO that is founded by the United Nations’ Information and Communications Technology Taskforce. Sixteen Anglophone and Francophone countries in Africa participate in the African Leadership in ICT capacity building programme. Until today, almost 500 senior-level government officials have graduated from the course. The curriculum is based on an online course that is blended with face-to-face sessions. The participants spend 15 hours… Continue reading

Latest News: Syrian Children can go to School in 21 Days, says Gordon Brown, UN

eLearningworld News from UN UN unveils a plan to get Syrian 1 million refugee-children to school. The United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown, today said: “While the recent focus has rightly been on refugees entering Europe, there are 4 million refugees – 2 million of them children – who are holed up in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, many living on the streets in a crisis which is now of biblical proportions”. Education… Continue reading