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Read_it_on_AppleNews_badge_RGB_US-UKThe new Horizon Report K-12 Edition 2016 identifies six trends that will reshape school towards 21th Century standards.

  • Short-term trends “Coding as a Literacy” and “Students as Creators”.
  • Mid-term trends “Collaborative Learning” and “Deeper Learning Approaches”
  • Long-term trends “Redesigning Learning Spaces” and “Rethinking How Schools Work”

The report also identifies developments in primary- and secondary school where makerspaces and online learning as digital strategies and technologies expected to enter mainstream within the next two years. While robotics and virtual reality enters the mainstream according to the forecast within two to three years. In four to five years artificial intelligence and wearable technology is expected to be common technologies and hardware i K-12 schools. The research was performed by K-12 experts from different fields in a qualitative research process designed and conducted by the NMC. Source: NMC