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The Norwegian Government wants to transform the teacher education to a five year program that better corresponds to todays and future working life. A special focus is set to attract more foreign teacher students to Norwegian universities. The aim is that the new teacher education program will start from the autumn 2017. The Minster of Education, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen earlier this year introduced the vision in the following way: “We must educate the teachers Norway is requiring in the future. Teachers that can contribute to that our children and grand-children not only is able to keep up with a technological development that progress extremely fast, but is able to lead this development.” In the same spirit, the government wants to direct a lot of efforts and funding to digitization of public administration with focus on simplifying and renew the organisation. By making public administration more digital and thereby more open and efficient in helping the citizens the government is expecting both saving money and gain societal development. Source: Press Releases Norwegian Ministry of Education