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Latest News: New School teaching the Art of Disobedience

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The Finnish Museum of Modern Art is opening the School of Disobedience in September. The learning environment consists of a programme to teach young people to become social activists. The founder of the school is controversial artist Janni Leinonen that has invited a crowd of cultural and political activists as teachers. The core of the education is to bring forward the ethical aspects of social phenomenon that often is not taught in ordinary schools. “The whole idea started from the fact that I was worried that maybe kids in schools are just too happy to take their place in society and fulfil the goals that are fed to them,” says Janni Leinonen to YLE. The intention is to bring the tools of disobedience and how to use them against xenophobia and racism and other social shortcomings with methods that the official society is prepared to use. Source: YLE

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