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Different media reported yesterday about enemies of free publishing and their methods. 27 years after the fatwa against Salman Rushdie was declared forty Iranian media outlets has added $600 000 to murder the author. The Iranian deputy Minister of Culture comment that the fatwa will never disappear.  In China the government is implementing new rules to further restrict online publishing by foreign companies. The ban is directed on companies with foreign ownership that now no longer is allowed to any kind of engaging in online publishing. In addition, online text, maps, games, video and audio files available to the Chinese people must be hosted on servers inside China, according to the new rules. Masha Gessen’s insights about publishing of children’s literature in Russia shows a horror story of publishing as the title says. However, it also shows that restriction of publishing has a universal outcome: It boosts reading of banned stories and creates bestsellers … Source: The Guardian, Wall Street Journal and The Intercept_