China’s no1 entrepreneurial tech hub

eLearningworld News Tsinghua University located in a northwestern suburb of Beijing was founded in 1911. After the start of a new specialisation, 1952 with focus on educating engineers the university is today is the most important tech hub for Chinese startups and tech development in general. The combination of the research from the university and the great prospects of receiving funding from the network of Tsinghua Alumni TMT Association has formed a very nutritious growing… Continue reading

Latest News: Enemies of free publishing: Imprison the word, kill the author

eLearningworld News from the World Different media reported yesterday about enemies of free publishing and their methods. 27 years after the fatwa against Salman Rushdie was declared forty Iranian media outlets has added $600 000 to murder the author. The Iranian deputy Minister of Culture comment that the fatwa will never disappear.  In China the government is implementing new rules to further restrict online publishing by foreign companies. The ban is directed on companies with… Continue reading

Latest News: Swedish Publisher is suspected to be held prisoner by Chinese Authorities

eLearningworld News fr. Sweden & China Radio Free Asia reporting four staff memebers of the publisher and bookstore company Sage Communications is missing. They are believed to be held prisoners by Chinese authorities after publishing critical and revealing books about the Chinese regime. The owner of Sage Communication, Gui Haiming, is a Swedish citizens and went missing in mid-October, while the general manager Lu Bo, store manager Lin Rongji and staff member Zhang Zhiping has… Continue reading