4 Ways To Make a Living From Your Driving Talents

4 Ways To Make a Living From Your Driving Talents

Come on now, admit it! Every day you spend trapped behind your desk you feel a little less alive. You want to be out on the open road, the landscape passing by you in a blur and the thrum of an engine beneath you. Not sitting under fluorescent lights with the mechanical hum of the photocopier your only company. You want to make a living from putting your driving skills to the test, with your quick wits and complete mastery of your vehicle earning your trade, not your desperate attempts to improve your typing speed. Still, the good news is that even in the current climate of uncertainty in terms of politics, the economy and public health there are still multitudinous opportunities for enterprising people to make good money from their driving talents. Whether they have their own vehicles or not.

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What’s more, because you have no employees to recruit, train and onboard and no need for premises or much equipment, you can get started with minimal overheads. Let’s take a closer look…

Drive people

If you own your vehicle, you can convert it into a ride sharing service with minimal expense. And while you’ll find that the increased wear on your vehicle adds significantly to your car running costs, these are all tax deductible (so save your receipts). If you’re great behind the wheel and good with people, a ride sharing service may afford you greater autonomy and flexibility than being a conventional cab driver. You can even do it alongside your day job. Just make sure you take extra steps to keep yourself and your passengers safe

Make local deliveries

Companies like Amazon as well as all kinds of food delivery services are always on the lookout for local drivers to make deliveries. If you can use your local knowledge to your advantage and access short cuts that are unknown to most, you may well find that you’re able to make a very lucrative living by fitting more deliveries into your day. 

Become a car jockey

The great thing about being a car jockey is that there are many different kinds of car jockeying services. So you can tailor yours around where there is the greatest need in your area. If you live close to an airport, for instance, you may want to make money by dropping off clients’ cars from the terminal to the carpark, as well as making sure that their vehicle is waiting for them when they return. Likewise, collection services for MOTs and repair work are also ever-popular among busy professionals. However, it’s important to remember that you need special insurance for this and now is a good time to start looking for motor trader insurance. Nonetheless, there are lots of opportunities to be found here.  

Pass your knowledge on to others

Finally, if you are patient, good natured and love helping people to learn, you may find that becoming a driving instructor is the ultimate way to make a good living from behind the wheel. Although you’ll have to ensure the overhead expense of getting licensed and fitting dual controls, you may find that becoming a driving instructor is incredibly rewarding, lucrative and flexible enough to fit around your lifestyle. 


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