Making the most of Your Book Manuscript Interactively

Making the most of Your Book Manuscript Interactively

To be a successful Storyteller, Inspirer, and Educator in the Digital World call for taking advantage of the interactivity the technology brings, including for book manuscript. In this spirit, we developed SOE PublishingLab which is a makerspace for interactive books, or rather interaQtive Books. This is a creative environment to take full advantage of interactive features integrated into the digital book format. In order to empower your story by integrating your audience further into the content.

Take the engagement to a new level

Storytelling, Inspiration, and Learning, however, basically nothing has changed since high-quality content is the prerequisite for success. What we do, is help you take your Book Manuscript to the next level with loads of different interactive features. To be able to boost engagement for your existing audience, while also engaging new readers, or rather iReaders by publishing your book in the format of the next generation ebooks. Sounds interesting? Here follows an opportunity!

Storyteller On DemandMaking The Most Of Your Book Manuscript Interactively

Let’s take your efforts as a storyteller, inspirer, and educator to higher levels. Do you want to use our expertise to accomplish this? If yes, please click here for further information and contact, to find out even more, about our Storyteller On Demand services. In case you want to create interactive books yourselves on the platform, click here for further information and contact.

Are You a food and wellness entusiast? If yes, this community is for you!Create blog posts, discuss on the forum, create interactive books about food. It's free!

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