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Originality as the most valuable asset

In an age where originality is hard-currency or rather soft currency. Everything that starts with “mass” is seen as a gust from the past. Designers are what often stands between market success and failure. It is an environment where intuition and preferences should be fed with a pleasant experience. Not like before when everybody was offered more of the same thing as everybody else. This means that the image of the starving artist of 20th… Continue reading

Storytelling – communication with a human multidimensional touch

Pure information is one-dimensional and often lacks the ability to ensure the receiver of the accuracy of what is communicated. Since such computer-like data is really boring and does not form bridges to engagement. The solution is that you need something to satisfy the audience’s emotional intelligence, which means your information should become multidimensional in order to humanize the information. This is where your storytelling begins. As Annette Simmons writes: “An image says more than… Continue reading

21st Century School – purpose, worldview and direction

The Industrial Age was almost all about mass-production, mass-marketing and assembly line-like production and distribution of products. The school system worked in the same way, meaning as a formative process to produce knowledgeable workers and good citizens of the nation. This was an environment that was characterised by uniformity, while individual talent, creativity and entrepreneurship were not rewarded. From mass to digital However, what if you remove mass and add digital instead? As we will… Continue reading

Latest News: Artificial Intelligence to identify Poverty Zones Globally, Stanford Research Project

eLearningworld News from US One of the biggest challenges in fighting poverty is the lack of reliable information in order to identify which regions’ where aid is mostly needed. Especially since these regions often is hard to reach. A new poverty mapping-technique developed by interdisciplinary researchers at Stanford now offers a solution to this problem. The basic idea was to design an algorithm that learns how to solve the puzzle by combing through raw data… Continue reading

Latest News: “Welcome to Sweden”-app now available for refugees and locals, Europe next

eLearningworld News from Sweden November 17 eLearningworld reported about the “Welcome”-app that is a social platform where Swedish citizen’s can help refugees in their daily life. The app is now available in a beta-version. And the developers have just launched a Kickstarter-campaign to finance the further development of the Welcome-app with the goal to besides Sweden also launch it in Germany and the rest of Europe. Since there is a great demand to help refugees… Continue reading

Latest News: Business schools require a profound update, according to new research

eLearningworld News from France Associate Professor Gianpiero Petriglieri and Assistant Professor Jennifer Petriglieri at INSEAD Business School explore in a new report the problem that business schools’ education in general dehumanizing leadership. According to the Professors this; “… serves as a valuable defense against, but as poor preparation for, the ambiguity and precariousness of leadership in contemporary workplaces.” It is obviously a relic of the 20th Century mass-market-society where the general conclusion is that business schools… Continue reading