Gamification and learning – developing assessment Part 2

Fresh knowledge has in most cases an expiry date. In the new century, it is often much closer than before. The societal transformation that took decades during the past centuries now takes years and sometimes months. Despite this, the school-system still focuses on distributing and measuring knowledge. This is troublesome since it to a large extent prepares the learners with the knowledge that concerns yesterday’s news. Deficits with traditional testing Besides the problems with the… Continue reading

Ideas about the future of learning

”In 20 years, we’re going to see an impact equal to the printing press. This time we’ll see a global, diverse, educated workforce deliver on dependable innovation, shared vision, and collaborative creativity.” Randy Hinrich, former Research Manager at Microsoft The prerequisites to that this will become a reality are to deliver knowledge at the right time, at the right place, with the right method, with the right equipment, to the right person. Flexibility and individualisation… Continue reading