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Latest News: 21st Century School put in practice

Latest News: 21st Century School put in practice

eLearningworld News from Finland The start of the Primary school in Finland also includes the introduction of a brand new curriculum with focus on active learning- and an interdisciplinary science approach. Seven competences work as driving forces for the educational efforts; the ability to learn to learn and think, cultural and communicative competence, everyday-life competence, digital competence, multiple-literacy, working-life competence, entrepreneurial skills and ability to contribute to a sustainable society. To accomplish these general goals… Continue reading

Latest News: 15 000 registered Teachers to study Evaluation and Grading

Latest News: MOOC to train 10 000 math-teachers

eLearningworld News from Sweden Karlstad University is running two MOOCs on evaluation and grading of pupils performance in school. The courses aim to give teachers knowledge and possibility to reflect around how they are using the curriculum as a base for planning, implementing and evaluation. At the same time the participants are giving tools to summarize pupils’ knowledge to a final grade in a reliable way. Because of the significant interest about the courses will… Continue reading

Latest News: Creativity and Fun is new driving-forces in the new curriculum

Latest News: New test discover dyslexia early

eLearningworld News from Finland The new curriculum for pre-school and primary school in Finland will be implemented during the year of 2016. The pedagogical news is that the pupils should have a more active approach to learning than before. The other profound change is that the collaboration over the fields of subjects’ borders should increase. This will mean less traditional classroom teaching and more work in creative groups. Source: YLE Continue reading