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Latest News: Basics of Learning Design for effective Knowledge Development

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RK Prasad, the founder and CEO of CommLab India, identify in a new article on ATD five basic elements for successful technology enhanced learning design. The first is motivation where the learner needs to know why they should invest time and effort to complete a course, e.g. knowledge development to reach goals in the working life or private, including receiving certification when the course is completed. Secondly, stimulus, how to use this driving force depends on which the target group for the education is, e.g. which generation. The magic to make eLearning really effective is to offer manifold learning paths that connect to the learner’s individual learning styles, including different forms of elements like graphics, feedback, slideshows, video, sound etc. etc. to enhance the learning experience. The third element is the possibility for the learner to apply what they have learned, and fourth and fifth is evaluation and feedback, and reward.  Source: Association for Talent Development

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