New media for learning Part 2

New media for learning Part 2

New Media For Learning Part 2The first part was describing how blog and wiki Nya Medier För Lärande Del 2can be used in education. This last part focuses on podcast for learning as well as conclusions of using new media for educational purposes.

Podcast for learning

A podcast is a MP3-based radio broadcast that could be created with a microphone and simple software. The user has access via PC, tablet or smart phone. As a learning tool the student can practice interview technique and oral presentation that has to be presented in a reliable and interesting way. An important part is also to use the creative ability to edit in order to reach the goals of a qualitative radio show for many listeners.

Another area of use is that the educator can record her lecturers and publish the podcast on the web for repetition. Or why not a complete coursecast for distance education?

Conclusion new media

New media as educational tools means problem-based learning. It can be questions at issue, case studies or other forms of projects. Since blogs, wikis and pods are open media this require that the student finds her own solutions from experience and feedback from other course participants and the teacher and others. An important part is also content- and source analysis both for the own work, the groups work and external sources.

Authenticity is one crucial factor for successful use of these new media. Since the essence of this form of learning consists of active constructive learning the tasks should be directly connected from the real world. The result will be an inspiring and practical learning in a constructivist spirit.

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