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The screen age started in the 1950s as TV entered mainstream popular culture. Today, in the digital age the development of artificial intelligence that empower new ways of interactions with different object makes the use of screens declining. This is one of the trends that the Ericsson Consumer Trends 2016 Report identifies. The report shows that 78% prefer better battery-capacity before bigger screens. While 85% of smartphone users believe that wearable electronic assistants will be a mainstream device within five years where one in two believes they will be able to talk to household appliances. Since current generation of AI already offers these functions the eyes will have the chance to let go of the screen more often in the future. 73% thinks it would be a good idea to have an AI search engine, while 64% sees the benefits with an AI travel guide and 57% as a personal assistant. Between 41-44% believes that an AI teacher, AI medical advisor and AI financial advisor would work great. However, to have AI as a friend to talk to only 35% thinks are a good idea. Source: Ericsson CONSUMERLAB: 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2016