Latest News: Citizens in Developing Countries “The Web is a good influence on Education”

eLearningworld News from the World A clear majority of people in developing countries thinks that the web is a positive influence on education. A median of 64% among the general population (including non-internet users) in 32 developing nations surveyed say the web is a good influence on education.  The survey is made by Pew Research Center and it also shows that people also thinks that the web is bad for morality.  A median of only… Continue reading

Three generations of eLearning

After the decades at the end of the 20th Century programmers ruled almost exclusively over eLearning-development. The result was creative technical solutions that all too often were created at the expense of pedagogy and user-friendliness. And further back, before the IT-boom, the source of electronic learning was recorded tapes where the students should imitate what they heard. So much better with the new pronunciation software that is able to record the user’s voice and compare… Continue reading