21st Century School Part 2 – humanism or not

Should the school only teach humanistic values and focus on systemically meet the state’s workforce needs? Or should it use humanistic pedagogical methods where the goal is to empower the learner’s formation and individual choices of life path? We have seen the result of the first alternative during the past century, but to find the historical roots of the second alternative we have to turn Ancient Greece, to its central notion of Paideia. Here you… Continue reading

Making Educational Trends Work II: Four general approaches the coming years

eLearningworld Weekly Review This is the second part of our analysis of the report Innovating Pedagogy 2015: the 10 technological trends set to transform education from Open University and SRI Education. We at eLearningworld simplified these trends into four approaches that will have great impact the coming years: the Science Approach, the Personalization Approach, the Analytics Approach and the Informal Approach. These four approaches work independently and combined to transform learning and teaching into the… Continue reading