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Latest News: Research shows that digitalization increases teachers’ significance

eLearningworld News from Norway Research from Oslo University shows that the use of digital resources in school has made teaching more complex. For instance, the necessity of source analysis in this environment often requires teacher support concerning the usefulness for school work and the quality of the information. This brings an extra dimension to the teacher’s work in comparison with the old textbook-school. At the same time such source analysis process also helps the student… Continue reading

Latest News: Online course on how schools can work against net-bullying

eLearningworld News from Sweden The NGO, BRIS (Children’s Rights in Society), and Gothia Fortbildning is launching an online course on how to prevent and handle net-bullying. The course consists of approximately two hours of videos with experts and case studies as well as download-material for self-studies and material for discussions. The focus is directed on the following areas: 1. to discover bullying on the web 2. what is the school’s responsibility 3. preventive work 4. what… Continue reading