Latest News: Artificial Intelligence transforms the Educational Market

eLearningworld News from the World Artificial intelligence for education is a fast growing market the coming years a new report from Technavio shows. Two areas where AI will have a considerable impact is with its adaptive sequencing capabilities as well as its ability to transform pedagogical models. The first means artificial intelligence that is embedded in content that help students learn in a self-directed manner, which improves the learning-process. Both students and teachers will have… Continue reading

Making Educational Trends Work: Four general approaches the coming years

eLearningworld Weekly Review The Open University and SRI Education identifies ten progressing educational trends in a new report. We at eLearningworld simplified this development into four approaches that will have great impact the coming years: the Science Approach, the Personalization Approach, the Analytics Approach and the Informal Approach. These four approaches work independently and combined to transform learning and teaching into the 21st Century’s educational requirements. In most cases learning technologies is the driving force… Continue reading