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Digital Society Education – EU Code Week

Digital Society Education - EU Code Week

EU Code Week between October 6 to 21 is a grassroots movement with a focus on digital society skills with thousands of activities all over Europe. In 2017 1.2 million people participated in the event and the number of participants is expected to grow even further in 2018. The initiative is run by volunteers so-called EU Code Week Ambassadors and is supported by the EU Commission and sponsored by Apple, Google, Facebook and many others.… Continue reading

Latest News: Apple’s CEO talks Education: Fundamental changes is needed

Latest News: Apple’s CEO talks Education: Fundamental changes is needed

eLearningworld News from US Today Thursday, Apple is offering an Hour of code program at all its retail stores globally. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, made an unannounced visit in the Apple store on Upper East Side on Madison Avenue in New York City yesterday where he visited an Hour of Code-session and talked about the urgent need of transforming education. Cook said to Mashable: “You rarely ever see engagement in a classroom like… Continue reading

Latest News: Co-Founder of Apple believes Artificial Intelligence will replace teachers

Computer in education: A critical review Part 2

eLearningworld News from the World The co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak visited Sweden this week. In an interview with idg.se he pointed out his concerns with the educational system and the need to modernise it. To make it effective a one-to-one pedagogy is required where each pupil will have its own teacher, according to Wozniak. The future solution would be smart computers with Artificial Intelligence that in 20 to 200 years would replace teachers.  However,… Continue reading