Work in Progress! The Dawn of eLearningworld 2.0 Part 1

Work in Progress! The Dawn of eLearningworld 2.0 Part 1

The development of eLearningworld 2.0 has been for several months in the shadow land of planning. Now it is beginning to reach the lights of dawn. So we decided to tell the story from the shaded start.

Introducing the dawn of eLearningworld 2.0

In January 2013 eLearningworld was launched with an English edition ( and a Swedish edition on ( The main focus was to publish inspiring articles about learning and education with a special focus on the development of technology within this field. During 2013 services to improve learning has also been launched. Now is time for the next step in the development, eLearningworld 2.0, where collaboration and personal development are some of the keywords.

Creative Collaborative Business Model (CCB)

The foundation we have called the Creative Collaborative Business Model (CCB). Since the main target group for eLearningworld still is pedagogues on all levels the focus on motivation will be enhanced and deepened with collaborative learning. In order to:
Improve the competence of using technology in education.
Use the eLearningworld-platform in the everyday work as a pedagogue.
Get more out of the competence beyond the teaching-work.

Learning from well-structured content and collaboration and development will form a well-performing basis. However, in order to add more value to these three points we have looked in to the prospects of gamification (especially with Professor Kevin Werbach’s course on gamification at Wharton Business School, Pennsylvania University). And found that such mechanisms are one of the main keys to make the Creative Collaborative Business Model work.

Where’s the magic?

A detailed description will be published in the following parts of this story as our work progress with eLearningworld 2.0 that intend to answer this question. This includes:
How to add the most possible value to the users?
How to create engagement and get the users to the next level of competence?
How to innovate education?
Gamification, how can it benefit?

Stay tuned, the next part of the story will published soon. Get involved by doing the survey about how to develop eLearningworld. Click here to enter the survey it takes approx. 1 minute to complete no login is required. In addition, please contact us for collaboration!



Written by
LarsGoran Bostrom©
Founder of eLearningworld

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