Why isn’t there any R&D for better schools?

Why isn’t there any R&D for better schools?

There is a lot of political discussions in most countries about education. Mostly from a Varför Finns Det Inte Fou För Bättre Skolor? determination to keep the old instrumental vision of knowledge from the Industrial Society running without that much of a competition. With this background Jim Shelton, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement at the US Department of Education, asks: Where is the R&D for better schools? Because there is very little. Which means that there is no direct bridge between cognitive- and neuroscience and the school education.

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I have tried to get two universities in Sweden interested to start up research projects within this field of science but there was simply no interest at all. Please listen to Jim Shelton’s TedTalk. It is very interesting in an educational perspective where he is building the foundation for a better school and points at the the desperate need for this kind of research.

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