What’s Keeping Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate Down?

What’s Keeping Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate Down?

The conversion rate is a helpful metric to show the ability of your site when it comes to the prospect of turning visitors into customers. If your conversion rate keeps slipping, it means that your site is not doing its job effectively. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips on how to optimize that conversion rate and make sure your website is playing its role perfectly, leading to better sales and more profit in the process.

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Ensure that it’s visible

When you’re marketing an eCommerce website, you need to be cognizant of the fact you can’t just market it like other websites. Adapting to the Digital Age means changing how you think about how you do business, including marketing. Search engine optimization will play a key role in driving your traffic, bringing visitors from search engines towards your site. However, SEO for eCommerce doesn’t work like SEO for other sites, either. For instance, you need to make sure that your products are on the Google Shopping search engine and that you’re running ad and SEO campaigns based on specific products that your customers are likely to search for, not just the site in general.

Don’t leave customers hanging

One thing you should assume about your online customers is that, no matter how well designed the website, some of them are going to have trouble completing their purchases. Or they may simply need your help in answering a question. You can put up an FAQ that you update with all the information you think they need, but you should also look at on-site support solutions, such as a live chat app, that allows them to get directly in touch with a team that can help them. As such, a minor problem won’t become a major hurdle getting in the way of their purchase.

Make sure you’re able to take their payments

It’s a more common problem with online websites than you might think, but plenty of eCommerce startups find that their customers get right up to the point of purchase, only to turn away when they find out the store doesn’t accept their preferred method of payment. Know your options when it comes to credit card merchant accounts, online payment platforms, and perhaps even cryptocurrency. Find out which are the most cost-effective and widely used options when it comes to your customers and ensures those purchase methods are available.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to them

Whether they run out of time, change their mind on a product, or have a problem using your website, there are going to be customers who abandon their shopping cart during the shopping process. You can make use of automated email software to send them abandoned cart emails that serve as a reminder and an extra little negotiation to get them to complete purchases. A little nudge could help you get a lot more sales.

If your eCommerce site is having trouble keeping up its conversion rate, you need a better look at what, exactly, is stopping your customers from converting. The above are just examples, but they’re some of the most common ones.


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