Virtual Reality environment with Eye-tracking to study the human mind

Virtual Reality environment with Eye-tracking to study the human mind

Virtual Reality Environment With Eye-Tracking To Study The Human MindListen to the story


Using a virtual reality environment to study human cognitive processes is a developing research method with a multifold potential. The method applies to many different fields with different approaches.

“When we search for a specific object in a scene, we seem to have developed a precise idea of where to look for and find certain things.”

Professor Melissa Le-Hoa Vo, a psychologist at Goethe University Frankfurt conclude from her recent research that can be used in several fields.

Virtual Reality environment with Eye-tracking

To reach this conclusion the team has used eye-tracking technology in a 3D virtual reality environment. The research focuses on monitoring human perception with eye-tracking technology. Since there is a close relationship between eye movement and cognitive processes. The test participants are using a virtual reality headset and moving around in a computer-simulated virtual 3D world.

A research method that applies to many different fields

The method is e.g. used in fields like research of children’s behaviour. Where the target could be if one of the children in a large group behaves differently. Then the researchers look further for a correlation between language development and attention behaviour, which could lead to early detection and treatment of possible cognitive disorders such as dyslexia. Other areas that benefit from the method is research concerning dementia. Read more about eye-tracking technology here

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