Virtual job coach that detects real-time social and emotional signalsLet’s recapture a scenario that most people will enter, the job interview, including the tension and fears of making mistakes, giving the wrong impression. Of course, you can have training sessions with human job coaches. But they still are limited in time and space. Especially since the outcome to a large extent will depend on your mood at that particular moment of the interview. To improve this form training the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence has developed a virtual job coach for simulated job interviews. It detects real-time social and emotional signals that can have negative effects. The candidate then interprets this and adjusts her behaviour.

Virtual job coach technology

The technology behind the emotion recognition is using sensors in the form of microphones and camera images. This is based on voice, language, facial expressions and other factors such as viewing angles. These make the system recognize the emotional development of the candidate. Furthermore, applications of this technology could be used in many other areas of life. Such as language training, in the vehicle’s communication and in the healthcare sector.

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