Use of Blockchain in Education – the future is here

Use of Blockchain in Education – the future is here

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A new solution based on blockchain technology allows open sharing of academic proficiency and progress records in a much more efficient way than before. The solution is developed by Sony Global Education and based on IBM Blockchain where the main benefits is that it allows school administrators to consolidate and manage students’ educational data from several schools, as well as record and refer their learning history and digital academic transcripts with more accuracy. It is to a large extent a “real time” solution, since the minute new records are approved in your “learning portfolio” it can be shared with e.g. potential employers or to educational institutions. This is really good news in a world where students often gain certifications from non-traditional methods e.g. online and in universities in different countries. Since learners of all ages can prove their qualifications since they carries with them a digital approved record of their recent achievements. Masaaki Isozu, President of Sony Global Education, commented in the following way:  “Blockchain technology has the potential to impact systems in a wide variety of industries, and the educational sphere is no exception when educational data is securely stored on the blockchain and shared among permissioned users. We are pleased that we have worked together with IBM to build a new system which can help effect real change in the education sector.” The intention is to launch the blockchain service during 2018. Source: IBM News Room

More on blockchain technology in education: In September-October 2017 a new book with the title Learning Design in Practice will be launched and it includes among many other things more areas of use of the blockchain technology in learning. The book is written by LarsGoran Bostrom, the founder of eLearningworld, click to connect on Linkedin for more information.

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